Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's officially fall. I noticed last night that it was dark already at 7:30. Wow, that happened fast! We will be apple picking on Saturday (already). I can't believe how fast this year as flown by. We had a great summer, took a nice long break from CEASE. It gave Jonah a chance to rebalance again after finalizing the Hib clear. 

We are just about 4 weeks into a new clear. PCV or Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. So far, I couldn't be more impressed by the slow gains I am seeing. He is becoming more independent with everyday tasks like flushing the toilet. Hey... I have to be grateful for the little things, right?

Also, continuing to communicate more consistently and clearly.  He is vocalizing his thoughts, observations, and imagination more consistently and more clearly. He is maturing more. I've noticed huge leaps in his reading ability.  There is just so much good stuff developing over the past few weeks. So far, not too many aggravations or behaviors. I have noticed one or two nights of increased sweating, and he has been really itchy, although that seems to be diminishing over the past few days. It makes me so happy to see him doing so well. 

On our last appointment with Jonah's HP, we decided that we would clear PCV and then antibiotics. These next two could be big for Jonah. PCV is the last of the 4 shots he received at 18 months. Those 4 set into motion a prolonged regression that eventually led to months of chronic illness, decrease in appetite, and severe skin conditions. He was prescribed antibiotics for the skin condition around 27 months. 

I keep replaying those months over and over in my mind, trying to remember every piece of Jonah during his regression. He was still starting to say new words just before the antibiotics. I remember one morning when he was scratching himself like mad, and I was trying to help him. He said "Itchy" for the first time that morning. He was given antibiotics about a week after that. It was another 6 months after before I heard him say another word. 

So, once we get through PCV, we tackle antibiotics. And then we will see. The more Jonah talks, the more anxious I am to meet more of his true-self.