Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Jonah has had a movie revival with the Pixar/Disney film "Brave" over the past few days. I have to admit, this flick made me cry when we went to see it in the theater the first time. He talks about going to see the movie and the friends that we went with. Evidence that he is now able to express his memories from a year ago.

Tonight when the movie was at the finale, Jonah started getting really emotional. His eyes started to swell, and his bottom lip started to pout out (the sweetest, cutest, most precious sad face you could ever imagine). He looks at me and points to the movie, voice cracking, "That's her mommy."

I said, "Yes, Jonah. That's her mommy. Do you feel sad because she loves her mommy?"

He said "Yes" and started wiping at his eyes.

I told him it was okay if it made him feel like crying. So he cried. I scooped him up and he wrapped his arms and legs around me so tight, buried his face in my neck, and cried so hard. He has so much empathy. He said "I love you mommy."

Just another amazing difference I see in him that I wanted to share.