Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Grass IS Greener On The Other Side

I am happy to report that I think we are starting to see some more small breakthroughs to round out the end of this Hib clearing. While he has been doing incredible at school, Jonah has been demonstrating extremely difficult behaviors at home for the past several weeks. I am happy to report that it has been 41 hours since his last break down.

I'm celebrating!

Jonah has been able to indicate to me on a few occasions over the past couple weeks when he is beginning to feel aggravated. He is answering my questions very promptly and politely. Example:
Me: "Jonah, do you want some milk."
Jonah: "No thank you, mommy."
He answered so promptly! No delay in response!! I only had to ask him one time!!! The regularity of his responses are increasing dramatically. Before, I would have asked this question several times, and then prompted a response after the 3rd time. His reading ability has picked up dramatically! Reading speed has increased, and he is now implementing phonics. He is starting to read signs out in public. He is sounding out words he would not have been able to sound out a week ago.

Lots of talking! Lots of expression! This morning he wanted to go out to the garden, and look at all our vegetables growing. He loves rubbing his fingers on our tomato plants, then holds them up to me and says "Here, mommy. Smell the tomato plant. Mmmm. It smells so yummy." As he rubs his belly in a circle.

Just the sweetest!

I'm feeling so much better as well over the last few days. My energy and motivation is slowly picking up; sensitivities and anxieties are diminishing. There were fleeting moments over the past few weeks when I thought I was autistic. It's like the fog is lifting from around us.

The promise of recovery is possible. I'm so grateful for how far he has come.

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  1. Awesome! I get it. I've been there and I still am. Pat yourself on the back. Nice job Mom! :)