Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 Years

Jonah was born at 11:13 PM on 11/13.

Seven years ago today, this little guy came into my life. He was so tiny. Ahh. He is my heart, and my soul, and my breath. 

I had two ultrasounds while I was pregnant. The first one revealed that I was having a boy. I thought I was carrying a girl. I had this image of a chubby, bouncing girl with brown hair and all cheeks. The last thing I was expecting was a blond and blue-eyed little boy.

Oh! He was such a beautiful baby. Strangers would stop me to tell me how cute. I fell head over heels in love with him. He had such charisma for a baby. He was such a flirt and a charmer. He always loved being tickled. He was so happy. Always smiling. 

Fast forward 7 years. The last thing I was expecting was this blond and blue-eyed little boy. It's a bummer to think that he had a rough day on his birthday, but he did. He woke up around 5:00 this morning when he wet the bed. This is not a typical thing for Jonah. He almost never wets the bed. Of course, the accident upset his routine. He was fixated on the accident all morning before he went to school. And, was apparently fixated on it at school, disrupting his behavior. Oww! The notes I saw from his teacher tonight when we came home! 

I was concerned about his behavior all weekend. He was just not his usual self. Eczema has flared up again on the inside of his right elbow and broken the skin. What I wouldn't give to see the eczema go away completely. He wet himself on Sunday, which is not typical behavior. He seemed angry. Everything was defiant, and then apologetic. I contacted our HP and told her that I was noticing aggravations, and we have been advised to resume the DTaP dosing at 1M. 

He did have a good afternoon, even though I was running late to pick him up. We went to Pho for dinner, and he had a piece of cake leftover from the weekend. We lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday, again. 

At the end of a rough day, all you can do is hope that your child feels loved.