Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Things

There are 3 things that I would like say today.
First, I apologize for being a bad blogger. Moving on...
Second, Jonah is doing excellent! To date, we have completed 1 eight week clearing for the Hep A vaccine, and 1 four week clearing for the Hep A vaccine. This completes the Hep A clearing altogether for now, but it is something we may want to revisit in the future. We have also completed 1 eight week clearing for the DTaP vaccine, and are mid series in our 4 week clearing for DTaP. Actually, the 4 week DTaP clearing has come to a screeching halt, which I will come back to. I will say this, the DTaP clearing has been brutal! This journey has not been all peaches and cream. There have been many challenging moments with the DTaP clearing that had me questioning whether I was the right parent for this job. 
Eczema on the inside of Jonah's right elbow.
The DTaP clearing has shown just what a damaging influence the vaccine was on Jonah’s development.  On the physical side, his battle with severe eczema re-emerged on the inside of his right elbow, spreading sporadically to the right wrist, inside his left elbow, and behind the knees. It brought out the terrifying memories from when he was 2 years old, and covered with these eczema soars all over his body. As of today, we are still experiencing some difficulty with the inside of the right elbow. If I remember correctly, Jonah had a slightly more severe outbreak of eczema on the right side of the body when he was 2. I wouldn’t have put this correlation together in the past, but I wonder if the eczema is more severe on the right side of the body because that is where the injection sights were for the DTap and other vaccines? I want to remember, but from what I can recall, injection sights seemed to move around to all the various extremities on his body.  This is a question I will present to our homeopathic practitioner. 
We have also experienced a rebirth of many inappropriate and aggressive behaviors that Jonah had overcome in the past, including, but not limited to: spilling (everything liquid in sight), throwing (everything that can be thrown), spitting, hitting, kicking, screaming, tantrums, ad nauseam.  These behaviors are categorized as ‘Attention Seeking’ behaviors, which Jonah likes to demonstrate during a ‘Silly-Tantrum.’ ‘Silly Tantrums’ are almost worse than ‘Angry Tanrtrums.’ ‘Angry Tantrums’ are still book-ends throughout the course of a ‘Silly Tantrum,’ during which, Jonah would go into a mode of destruction while laughing hysterically (as if he was drunk). These ‘Silly Tantrums’ would run the entire course of the day. Jonah began demonstrating these behaviors during the 6th week of the first DTaP series, 3 doses into the 1M potency. Once we moved into the last two weeks of the clearing and the 10M potency, I was in tears everyday. It was a physical and emotional battle to help him and discipline him during those last two weeks of the clearing. To top it off, we were both sick with the worst cold ever known to man, prompting me to suffer a complete “emotional-breakdown-WHY ME?” moment in front of a dear friend. I am confessing this because a reality needs to be acknowledged. Autism has just as much of an impact on the parents as it does on the child; if not a more difficult impact since the parents are completely aware of how things could be or should be. Making this statement does not mean I do not accept my child or his autism, it just means that it is damn-hard work to be a parent of a child with autism. 
Once we completed the clearing in full, his behaviors mellowed again after about 1 week. We took a 4 week break before beginning the 2nd clearing, during which time, Jonah began to express himself more clearly. This increase in expression came with improvements in communication, verbal development, and emotional development. As our therapist pointed out, we were now seeing a more “true” version of Jonah and autistic expressions diminishing. I have witnessed moments of deeply emotional and compassionate expression. The cutest display of this came during a scene in ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ when the baby panda is left by its’ mother. Jonah came to me with tears welling in his eyes, bottom lip puckered and quivering, and said “Baby Panda so sad.” I, of course, melted.
When we began the 2nd clearing, the behaviors spiked again immediately. Then the behaviors increased with the increase in potency each week, although much milder than experienced during the first clearing. I was dreading what the 4th week at the 10M potency would bring. Then I made a mistake on the night that I was to begin administering the 10M potency, and gave him the 1M potency by accident. Perhaps this was a slip of the subconscious because the 10M potency of DTap is what I will affectionately refer to as the “Demon-Extractor.” It turned out to be a good mistake, because when I touched base with our therapist, she suggested that we wait before completing the clearing and that this might be moving too fast for Jonah to effectively handle, which brings us to where we are in the current clearing. Low and behold, with this little break, Jonah’s improvement has been taking my breath away.  I am seeing more and more talking, with Jonah initiating dialog. He has been very obedient without prompting, and very helpful without instruction, meaning more independent. 
Is CEASE Therapy working? I think so...
Which brings me to the third thing I would like to put out to you for discussion or thought. The CDC released their report, revealing a 23% increase in the rate of diagnosis of autism since 2008. The rate of diagnosis is now at 1 in 88 children on spectrum for autism. The rate for boys has now raised to 1 in 54 boys. At what point are we going to realize that something is being done to our children? Something has gone horribly and tragically wrong. I want to share a podcast I heard on NPR’s RadioLab the other day. The podcast is about 22 minutes long, ending with a fascinating revelation of a great mistake made in medical history when doctors in the 1920’s were trying to find a cause for SIDs. I encourage you to listen to it, and challenge you to come away from it with the notion that medical science is infallible. 

Do you know what I think? Medical science is not infallible, and I believe it is now compromising the development of our children. 

Follow the money... 
Because money doesn’t care about the greater good.