Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Have The Same President

So the elections are over! Finally!

Of course, it doesn't really matter who won the election (OBAMA) because neither of the majority candidates took any initiative to protect the health of American citizens. That's all I will say about politics for now.

Here is an update on Jonah. All is well.

We are in the middle of our 4th clearing for DTaP. It has been another challenging clearing. DTaP is very tricky. We completed 5 weeks on the 30c dose, 4 weeks on the 200c dose. This clearing just makes Jonah turn into a monster at moments. He was tormenting his teachers. He was tormenting his Mom (me).

Right now we are on a break from dosing, and all the negative expressions that emerge when Jonah is on a DTaP clear have subsided. It's been 3 weeks since he has received a dose. The gains continue to be recognizable. Now I just have to wait for our HP to decide what the next move is. It seems that she wants to avoid the difficult behaviors that unveil with this clearing, as it may be working against Jonah. I'm having a hard time being patient. I pushed to go back to the DTaP clearing because I genuinely feel that there is unfinished business with this clearing. I wish we could just get it all out tomorrow.

It's hard to describe to people just how positive CEASE therapy has been for Jonah. In the last year, we have seen about a 50% increase in his speech. He can still be very difficult to understand, but I am amazed to hear his voice, and what he is thinking. He continues to show development in socialization. His fine motor skills are now age appropriate and off the IEP. All the little girls at school love him. I love him. What more can we ask for?


  1. Hi Maria,

    Your blog is inspiring. I have a 4 year old son, Vinayak who was diagnosed with ASD when he was 3. Since then he is on ST, OT and ABA which seem to helping him a little however, as he is growing older and in the pursuit of fighting against his autism and eliminate it completely from his life, I want to do gear up for another level of war against this disorder. I have come accross Dr. Smith's 'Autism - Beyond dispair' and eventually landed here @ your blog.

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and trying to find a good CEASE therapist. May I request you to share the name of your homeopath as after reading your blog I am sure I would be more comfortable seeing a Dr. whose credentials are already proven? My email address is vinayak_kulkarni@outlook.com or vedacharya.kulkarni@gmaill.com

    Best luck for your mission...

    Ved Kulkarni

  2. Maria, not sure you read my request about the homeopath. Please reply if you feel appropriate. Thanks!

    Ved Kulkarni