Thursday, April 26, 2012


I wanted to share the email I just sent to Jonah's homeopathic practitioner moments ago:

I hope all is well. I just wanted to send you a quick update of Jonah's progress, but I have a ton of good stuff to share that I am very excited about... so this may get a little long. He has been doing amazing with this round of the DTaP clearing. After the first dose of 30C on 4/10, I noticed minor aggravations and defiance in his behavior immediately the next morning. Much milder than we experienced with the first two rounds, but back to normal on Thursday. He received the next dose the following Friday and I noticed minor defiance and aggravations first thing on Saturday morning, this time just a little more intense than earlier in the week. There was a lot of screaming and squawking. Sunday morning, his behaviors increased significantly, and then we went to the lake so he could ride his bike. He developed a little bit of a runny nose after for about 10-15 minutes. And then he was awesome! I was expecting to see an increase in behaviors when we went to the 200C, but he sailed through last week perfectly with very mild mischief. He received the 1M dose this past Tuesday. 

I'm not sure if we should be seeing such dramatic changes after each dosing, but it is markedly noticeable to me. He has been a little more mischievous, but very easy to redirect and discipline. He seems to have more comprehension and awareness of his behaviors being inappropriate, so he is quick to correct himself when I warn him that he is making bad choices. He has also been very helpful around the house, showing an eagerness to help take care of himself. He initiated helping me carry in the groceries, which never happens (even when I ask him to help he protests). When I gave him the package of toilet paper to carry, he walked into the house and said "Put toilet paper in the bathroom," and walked to the bathroom to put it away. I know it sounds like a little thing, but this was actually just the first sign of a huge shift that I am beginning to see emerge in him.
The most amazing part is that his speech continues to improve dramatically. He has been singing to himself, and speaking in full sentences. He has been making observational statements. He's been developing descriptions of objects. For example, we saw geese when we went to the lake last Sunday. His first statement was a typical one word "Goose." I said "Yes, goose, there's three, so we call them geese." Then he said "Look at the goose. Look it's a giant, white goose." I looked, and two of the three geese were grey, and one was a huge white goose. These descriptions are becoming more fluid in his dialog everyday. Today was one of the best days so far. I am seeing so much change, and he is such a loving, sweet, and happy little boy. 

I love Jonah incredibly, and would do anything for him. I have always enjoyed being his mother, but there was always so much concern and distraction about how he was behaving; worrying about things like if he was going to find the lotion that was hidden in the dresser in the middle of the night and paint the walls with it. But these past few weeks, I've been able to just enjoy him and let go of my concerns and distractions because he hasn't been doing these things. There has just been a greater level of comprehension between us. I feel like I'm just beginning to get to know my son. 

Thank You!

Friday, Jonah will get the second 1M, and then move to the 10M next week. Let me know what you think. I just can't believe this is happening for real.


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