Monday, November 19, 2012

More DTaP Clearing To Come

Just a quick update to fill you in on the amazing turn around we saw this week. Towards the end of last week, Jonah was showing some major signs of aggravation. He was moody, and angry. He was communicating less, withdrawing more, and not showing the typical signs of progress that I have become accustomed to over the last year+ on CEASE. So, we resumed dosing of DTaP 1M on Tuesday per the recommendation of our HP.

It was as if someone flipped a switch on Wednesday morning. There he was! My bright and cheery boy. He was chattering up a storm by the end of the day. The eczema that had flared up on the inside of his right elbow had stopped itching. Today, I noticed that he was experiencing some hot spots behind the knees again. This is a good sign, I believe, since it is a sign that it is leaving the body through the extremities. During our past DTaP clearings, eczema ravaged his inner elbows, and then had a slight outbreak on the wrists... moving its way out of the body. It also popped up behind the knees, but then we didn't see major flare-ups with his eczema again until now. I hope to see the eczema disappear completely soon.

As we continue on this clearing, we will ride out each dose until Jonah stops showing gains. The previous DTaP clearings brought out extreme and difficult aggravations. So far, this has been much more tolerable.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 Years

Jonah was born at 11:13 PM on 11/13.

Seven years ago today, this little guy came into my life. He was so tiny. Ahh. He is my heart, and my soul, and my breath. 

I had two ultrasounds while I was pregnant. The first one revealed that I was having a boy. I thought I was carrying a girl. I had this image of a chubby, bouncing girl with brown hair and all cheeks. The last thing I was expecting was a blond and blue-eyed little boy.

Oh! He was such a beautiful baby. Strangers would stop me to tell me how cute. I fell head over heels in love with him. He had such charisma for a baby. He was such a flirt and a charmer. He always loved being tickled. He was so happy. Always smiling. 

Fast forward 7 years. The last thing I was expecting was this blond and blue-eyed little boy. It's a bummer to think that he had a rough day on his birthday, but he did. He woke up around 5:00 this morning when he wet the bed. This is not a typical thing for Jonah. He almost never wets the bed. Of course, the accident upset his routine. He was fixated on the accident all morning before he went to school. And, was apparently fixated on it at school, disrupting his behavior. Oww! The notes I saw from his teacher tonight when we came home! 

I was concerned about his behavior all weekend. He was just not his usual self. Eczema has flared up again on the inside of his right elbow and broken the skin. What I wouldn't give to see the eczema go away completely. He wet himself on Sunday, which is not typical behavior. He seemed angry. Everything was defiant, and then apologetic. I contacted our HP and told her that I was noticing aggravations, and we have been advised to resume the DTaP dosing at 1M. 

He did have a good afternoon, even though I was running late to pick him up. We went to Pho for dinner, and he had a piece of cake leftover from the weekend. We lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday, again. 

At the end of a rough day, all you can do is hope that your child feels loved. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Have The Same President

So the elections are over! Finally!

Of course, it doesn't really matter who won the election (OBAMA) because neither of the majority candidates took any initiative to protect the health of American citizens. That's all I will say about politics for now.

Here is an update on Jonah. All is well.

We are in the middle of our 4th clearing for DTaP. It has been another challenging clearing. DTaP is very tricky. We completed 5 weeks on the 30c dose, 4 weeks on the 200c dose. This clearing just makes Jonah turn into a monster at moments. He was tormenting his teachers. He was tormenting his Mom (me).

Right now we are on a break from dosing, and all the negative expressions that emerge when Jonah is on a DTaP clear have subsided. It's been 3 weeks since he has received a dose. The gains continue to be recognizable. Now I just have to wait for our HP to decide what the next move is. It seems that she wants to avoid the difficult behaviors that unveil with this clearing, as it may be working against Jonah. I'm having a hard time being patient. I pushed to go back to the DTaP clearing because I genuinely feel that there is unfinished business with this clearing. I wish we could just get it all out tomorrow.

It's hard to describe to people just how positive CEASE therapy has been for Jonah. In the last year, we have seen about a 50% increase in his speech. He can still be very difficult to understand, but I am amazed to hear his voice, and what he is thinking. He continues to show development in socialization. His fine motor skills are now age appropriate and off the IEP. All the little girls at school love him. I love him. What more can we ask for?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Mom Was Right About 2 Things

I liken the experience of my existence to the physical act of treading water. Most of the time I feel like I have to race like hell to keep my head up just so I can barely breathe, and if I slow down just a little I will drown.  My whole life has been like this, and for most of it I was racing so hard that I wasn't able to stop and think about what I was doing.

I've experienced the pits of irrational depression so many times, I don't know how I've made it this far. For the last 7 years, the only thing that has kept me going is Jonah. When I was pregnant with Jonah, my mother was worried that having a child would make my life all "too hard". She was right. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done.

Earlier this year, I read a blog post on TMR that opened my eyes a little to what had been happening to 'me'. I can't take care of Jonah if I am not taking care of me. That was what my motivation was when this journey started that led us to CEASE. I had become a vegan because I wanted to make a bold move that helped to reduce my impact on the environment.

There was a healing that I experienced with Jonah just by changing our diets. When I was witnessing Jonah's improvements, I was learning about the health benefits of an organic diet and plant based diets, and how we are so environmentally polluted by the corporate food and pharmaceutical chains. Mostly, what I was learning is that we are being poisoned as a society by our food and medicine, and non of us are any wiser. I have heard recently that the national average IQ is now less than 100. I haven't verified if this is true, but with a presidential election in action, there seems to be reasonable evidence to support it.

I need to back track for a bit. Around this time last year, we were on our first CEASE remedy for Hep A. I realize now that I wasn't fully prepared for what this therapy would bring about. I had done all the research in what to expect from this therapy for Jonah, but had no consideration for what it would do to me. I had recently figured out that I have suffered from PTSD my entire life. I've always known I was depressed, but lump that on with all the irrational decisions and anxiety that go along with avoidance and numbing ever since I can remember. Of course, I can't afford professional therapy for myself, so I was baby-stepping my way through letting go of my fears and regaining my confidence when we started CEASE.

But, CEASE hit me hard. Witnessing Jonah's regressions during his clearings caused me to regress as well. It brought about fear, worry, anxiety, traumatic memories from Jonah's regression into autism. Thinking about all those little things I missed when he was a sick baby. Regretting all those things I missed that were signs of toxicity that would eventually compromise his development. Not that I could have done much about it then. The shots were given to him when he was 18 months. And, it was a long and slow regression after that.

But there were signs before that. There were signs in his physical wellness that the doctor kept assuring me were normal. He was always sick with something. My mom was right about that too. She told me she was worried he was always sick with a cold or sick with the flu. The doctor said "kids are always sick". (Need I point out that for all the shots our kids in America get, they sure are sick a lot.) Had I known what I know now, I would have identified the signs of his illness, and would have declined the series of injections he was given at 18 months. By 24 months when Jonah's skin was irrupting with itchy sores, the doctor said, "it's just eczema. Kids get eczema. Put some CeraVe on it". When Jonah wouldn't eat ANYTHING, the doctor said "kids are picky. It's just a phase".  I believed him, and it was too late. The doctor knew it. I wasn't prepared for how hard these traumatic memories would hit me. I didn't know what was happening then. The doctor knew it. The doctor kept saying it was fine and I believed him. It wasn't fine, and the grief of realizing this has stunned me for the last year.

Of course there have been many amazing accomplishments over the last year and Jonah is doing better than I had hoped. I've regressed since this time last year. I started eating meat again for Thanksgiving and it's been a downward spiral since. It's not the meat's fault. Or is it? In reality, it's my fault. I let it happen. A part of me wanted to experiment with myself and see just what would happen if I exposed myself to the standard diet of our toxic environment again. Plus, it has allowed me to eat my painful emotions and fears that have been brought out by the traumatic stress of Jonah's condition.

Here is what I've figured out: The more emotions I eat, the more depressed I feel. Last year, at this time, I was inspired and motivated by my life style. Fast forward through a year of eating corporate restaurant food and you'll find me standing on the corner of 'Lost' and 'Miserable', 20 pounds heavier and exhausted. Every time Jonah regressed on a clearing, I would regress with him. He would have gains from his remedies, and while I celebrated his gains, I failed to accomplish many gains myself.

I feel that Jonah is on a substantial healing trend that allows me to grasp at an attempt of healing myself. Since my last blog post, he has finished first grade, went through an 8 week Hib clearing, started 2nd grade, and we are now on our 4th DTaP clearing. This time, we are continuing each dose until we see no more or minimal changes. We completed 5 weeks on DTaP 30c, and are now on our 4th week of 200c. The last 2 months have been difficult for me to witness. The first weeks on 30c brought out minor regressions and behavioral issues, and the second we introduced the 200c, they increased dramatically. We are now going into our 4th week of 200c, and his behaviors have improved. His speech continues to slowly progress, but more importantly, his attempts to speak are drastically increasing.

We just completed his IEP and Jonah no longer requires OT. WOW! Last year, Jonah had difficulty printing with size consistency and staying on the lines. Over the summer, these challenges practically disappeared. So, he is now participating in general ed PE and has age appropriate fine motor skills. He has amazing teachers.

When Jonah starts doing better, I start doing better. The energy of this therapy seems to be inherited. It is helping both of us.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank You!

I just want to say thank you to those few of you who follow and read this blog. I have to say, it is a treat to be able to share this experience with people who are like-minded. When I say like-minded, I mean in the sense that you are inspired to believe that something might happen to help my child. Whether you are my family, or you are my friends, or you are someone who just happened to come across and read this for the first time, you are someone willing to take a minute to be inspired to love and hope for the good of my son. 

To think that autism could be healed was a completely foreign concept to me not even two years ago. I was one of those people that said "Come-on!" followed by "No way autism can't be cured! It's a psychological disorder. That would be like saying you could cure schizophrenia." What was even better was when I would defend that argument by saying "Yeah, well I found a pediatrician that assured me the batch of vaccines he had were low-dose thimerosal, so there is no way they could have given my child autism." Don't I feel like the horses ass! 

I'm just going to take a step off the reservation here for a couple minutes to say this... 

I am only NOW beginning to know that there is a different way to think, and a different way to stand up and heal my child. There are so many people out there who look at me like I'm crazy when I say I see all these improvements developing in Jonah. In the future, I am confident that there will be people who will deny his recovery. There will be people who believe that he was misdiagnosed when his autism diagnosis is reversed. But I will know better. 


But, I can't shout this from the roof tops. I can shout it from here. I only hope that someone who has lost their faith might come across this blog, and believe that there is an alternative way of thinking. 

You know what kills me? It's thinking about what might happen to Jonah if something were to happen to me. Eventually, one day, it is likely to happen, even if I spend the next 60 years caring for him. And then what? I see homeless people on the street everyday who are not mentally well. Recently, I've had the revelation that these people were once someone's children. What if something happened to me and this could one day be Jonah? It's that thought that has me struggling to get by, hanging on by the skin of my teeth just trying to keep the electric on, and enough quarters to do the laundry. 

This is why I feel the need to thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Working Those Muscles

This past Tuesday, I decided to play hooky and took Jonah to Disneyland for the day. Disneyland is a great motivator for Jonah. He does really well at Disneyland. He loves roller coasters the most. We map out what rides we want to go on first days before our trips. I have so much fun with Jonah there, and it provides strong bonding time for us. 

This time, this trip, was a revelation to all the little ways Jonah is starting to open up. It's been a couple months since we last flexed our passes, but the changes in his experience were notable. First, he invited my sister and her boyfriend, affectionately referred to as 'Imo' and 'Sockie' (Scotty) to come with us. This is something he has never done before. No offense to Imo and Sockie, but he generally doesn't like spending a lot of time with them because it is associated with the time I spend away from him at work. Whenever I tell him we are going to see Imo and Scotty, he says "Mo Imo Sockies house. Mo Mommy's work." Over the past few weeks, this response has changed, and he has been quite cooperative, and even excited to see Imo and Scotty.

Then, he kept insisting we go on Pirates (of the Caribbean) first. In the car on the way up, he was saying "Pirates goes so fast." I'm like "No it doesn't." But when we were finally on Pirates, and we came to the part where you have the steep drop in the boat, he said "Hold on! Pirates going down so fast right here!" He was shimmying his butt and had a little squeal in his giggle as he always does when he's excited. So, I stood corrected with his NINE word statement and said, "You are right, Jonah. Pirates does go fast right here." 

He laughed out loud at characters throughout the park, and kept saying "That's so fummy!" Of course he means funny, but this is a recent new phrase that he is using very appropriately and enjoying. He also wanted to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time. It's not like I haven't tried in the past, with Mickey or any of the other characters, but he normally just waves and says "Hi" very disconnected from the reality of the characters. This time he was engaged, walked up to Mickey on his own, gave Mickey a hug, and posed for pictures.

I couldn't have been happier for Jonah. He always enjoys Disneyland, but this time was different. This time he enjoyed it on a different level. This time, we really enjoyed it together. We had almost NO behaviors, and the few minor behaviors that arose were quickly corrected. He talked about everything, some of it I couldn't understand, but he kept saying "Have so much fum at Dismey-yamb!" and "Have so much fum at Dismey-yamb with Mommy!"

We hit up Starbucks for the drive home where Jonah requested a bag of Sweet Potato Chips. I bought him the chips and when we got to the car, I tried to open them. I have never had a harder time opening up a bag of chips in my life. I even tried to rip it with my teeth. So, I'm pulling, on the two sides of the bag trying to get it to split open, Jonah's laughing and says "Mommy's working so hard. Mommy's working her muscles." As I was cracking up, the bag finally gave in. And for that second, everything was right in our tiny world with just the two of us. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I wanted to share the email I just sent to Jonah's homeopathic practitioner moments ago:

I hope all is well. I just wanted to send you a quick update of Jonah's progress, but I have a ton of good stuff to share that I am very excited about... so this may get a little long. He has been doing amazing with this round of the DTaP clearing. After the first dose of 30C on 4/10, I noticed minor aggravations and defiance in his behavior immediately the next morning. Much milder than we experienced with the first two rounds, but back to normal on Thursday. He received the next dose the following Friday and I noticed minor defiance and aggravations first thing on Saturday morning, this time just a little more intense than earlier in the week. There was a lot of screaming and squawking. Sunday morning, his behaviors increased significantly, and then we went to the lake so he could ride his bike. He developed a little bit of a runny nose after for about 10-15 minutes. And then he was awesome! I was expecting to see an increase in behaviors when we went to the 200C, but he sailed through last week perfectly with very mild mischief. He received the 1M dose this past Tuesday. 

I'm not sure if we should be seeing such dramatic changes after each dosing, but it is markedly noticeable to me. He has been a little more mischievous, but very easy to redirect and discipline. He seems to have more comprehension and awareness of his behaviors being inappropriate, so he is quick to correct himself when I warn him that he is making bad choices. He has also been very helpful around the house, showing an eagerness to help take care of himself. He initiated helping me carry in the groceries, which never happens (even when I ask him to help he protests). When I gave him the package of toilet paper to carry, he walked into the house and said "Put toilet paper in the bathroom," and walked to the bathroom to put it away. I know it sounds like a little thing, but this was actually just the first sign of a huge shift that I am beginning to see emerge in him.
The most amazing part is that his speech continues to improve dramatically. He has been singing to himself, and speaking in full sentences. He has been making observational statements. He's been developing descriptions of objects. For example, we saw geese when we went to the lake last Sunday. His first statement was a typical one word "Goose." I said "Yes, goose, there's three, so we call them geese." Then he said "Look at the goose. Look it's a giant, white goose." I looked, and two of the three geese were grey, and one was a huge white goose. These descriptions are becoming more fluid in his dialog everyday. Today was one of the best days so far. I am seeing so much change, and he is such a loving, sweet, and happy little boy. 

I love Jonah incredibly, and would do anything for him. I have always enjoyed being his mother, but there was always so much concern and distraction about how he was behaving; worrying about things like if he was going to find the lotion that was hidden in the dresser in the middle of the night and paint the walls with it. But these past few weeks, I've been able to just enjoy him and let go of my concerns and distractions because he hasn't been doing these things. There has just been a greater level of comprehension between us. I feel like I'm just beginning to get to know my son. 

Thank You!

Friday, Jonah will get the second 1M, and then move to the 10M next week. Let me know what you think. I just can't believe this is happening for real.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Stirring The Pot

We are about to begin week three of the third clearing for DTaP. The 30C and 200C doses have gone pretty smoothly, aside from a little mischief. Jonah has always been mischievous, which is part of his charm. One of his teachers said that it is a sign of intelligence. Everyday, I am seeing more and more of this sweet boy. He is expressing more and understanding more. The clarity of his speech is improving and he is making many unprompted observational statements. There are small steps forward everyday. Very exciting and reassuring. 

He wanted to eat Crabby Patties for dinner Thursday night. I was able to get him to try crabby patties about 2 years ago after he developed an affection for Spongebob. We made cheeseburgers then, but now we make veggie burgers. When I told Jonah we didn't have any crabby patties, he said "Oh, crabby pappy all gone. Mommy go to Mr. Crab's house?" It's the little things like this that keep me going!

I've been circling around the facebook pages and websites for autism more frequently again. I became discouraged toward the end of last year, and needed to take a break. It sometimes feels like no one gets it and I'm beating my head against a brick wall. While most of the emails and feedback I have received from friends and strangers has been positive, there is the occasional negative commentary. It's as if some people feel I have failed to accept my son's autism and subsequently failed to accept my son for who he is. Neither could be further from the truth. If I believe that my son can be recovered from his autism, it does not mean I do not accept him. It means I want him to get better. I want the most for him, just like any parent want for their child. How is that confusing? 

There is a lot more surfacing about CEASE Therapy, which must mean that people are experiencing good things with CEASE Therapy. I've been delighted to stumble upon a broader CEASE network online.  For me, it just further proves what I have found to be true (at least in Jonah's case) about the contributions vaccinations have made to the growing rate of diagnosis for autism. If it were not the vaccines that caused Jonah's autism, why is this working for him? Yes, there are children that are autistic that never received vaccinations.  That is not the case for all. Unless you examine the medical history of the parents, it is impossible to determine that some toxin didn't create a genetic imprint that altered the child. There is so much we do not know about the human body, so why is it so hard for people to humble their opinions and admit that? I could be wrong, but the proof for me is in Jonah's progress. Jonah may not experience a full recovery from autism, but I would be happy to settle for the little bit of progress we have experienced so far.

There are so many parents out there who feel it and know it. I am often looked at with a scornful eye when I blurt this out, but the truth is "VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM." Which leads me to point out something else that needs to be addressed. In addition to the spike in autism diagnosis experienced over the last few decades, there are many other known and proven harmful side effects suffered by healthy children and adults caused by vaccinations. For statistical analysis, the United States has the highest number of vaccines required for infants before the age of 5 in the world, and subsequently the highest occurrence of SIDS in the world. Healthy adults have been subject to suffering from seizures, strokes, and paralysis directly associated with vaccinations. 

I recently came across an organization known as Shot by Shot, funded by the California Immunization Clinic (CIC). The website for CIC boasts using social media to "build a movement." This includes posting tragic articles of people who have died or fallen ill to a vaccine-preventable disease. It was astonishing to me that the stories virtually criminalize those that would elect not to vaccinate their children. I posted a comment to the Shot by Shot facebook page in hopes to challenge this notion, but my post was removed without feedback from the organization. Here is an image of the feedback from visitors of the page prior to the removal of my comment.

It's personally upsetting to me that people can be so easily misled to believe that vaccinations are the solution to all of our health care concerns. I was misled at my child's expense. It's upsetting that people think the solution is to promote vaccinations regardless of dangerous side effects. As one of the comments implied, at least Jonah didn't die from his autism. This retaliation was referencing one of the stories of a young mother who lost her child to whooping cough. 

Since Jonah's current clearing is for DTaP, let's look at the DTaP vaccine for a bit. While the CDC reports that less than 1 in 1 million people will suffer a severe allergic reaction to the DTaP vaccine, some of the other severe side effects include long term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness and permanent brain damage. These are very low risk according to the CDC, but who wants to chance it? Especially when you look at the list of chemicals that go into the DTaP vaccines. There are 6 variations of DTaP currently used in the US. DTaP vaccines are only recommended for children under the age of 7, while there are other concoctions for adults including DtaP and DT. It was alarming to see that aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate, and aluminum phosphate as one of the first ingredients listed in all 6 variations of DTaP vaccine. I could write an entire article on the effects of aluminum poisoning. Perhaps I will save that for a future post. These are actually excipients, or inactive ingredients in the vaccine. Other alarming chemicals include formaldehyde (poisonous), and the ever-controversial thimerosal (mercury... poisonous). Detect the note of sarcasm in my voice when I state that I particularly enjoyed learning that monkey kidney and bovine extract may also have been injected into my child. I know what bovine means, but I hesitate when it comes to comprehending the broadness of "bovine extract." Cows are kind of big. At least when it says monkey kidney, you know you're getting monkey kidney.

As if the consistency of the DTaP vaccine wasn't enough to administer in one injection, it is administered amongst a combination of vaccines containing similar dangerous chemicals. As a responsible parent, I have faltered. I did not examine these facts as I needed to for Jonah, which is why it is my intention to bring awareness to the issue. Vaccines are contributing to the increase in autism. This is not the same autism witnessed developing from case number 1 in 1944. This is autism expression brought on by damaging side effects from severe internal toxicity. There is not one vaccine causing this, there is not one chemical causing this, but the combination of administering all of it together... that is something that has yet to be addressed. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Game On

Just a quick update. Spring break is over. The longest two weeks ever. Jonah, like most autistic children has not handled change in his routine well in the past. This break was no exception, but a milestone in ways. It was the first time he was able to express why he doesn't cope well with the disruption to his schedule. He was asking for his teachers and his friends every day, and wanting to ride the school bus. It turns out the he just misses the people in his life but was never able to say it before.

We have started a third round of the DTaP clearing after having to bring the second round to a stop at the 1M dosage due to aggravated behaviors a few weeks back. Jonah's behavior has been slightly disrupted by the clearing this week, but very mildly. We run on a Tuesday and Friday schedule for his doses, and I noticed immediately on Wednesday morning that there was more shrieking and screaming with more defiant protests than normal. This increased again on Saturday slightly. He was demonstrating this talent at breakfast this morning when I was trying to get him to focus on eating. The throwing of random objects has resurfaced after completely disappearing at home over the last two weeks. Of course these behaviors are occurring only when he is mad about something. It is to be expected in developmental milestones for children of Jonah's age to protest and establish boundaries with their parents at the age of six, and Jonah is right on track with this. By this afternoon, he had a runny nose and then the behaviors died off. I wonder if the runny nose was an exteriorization of sorts.

On the upside... he has been such a chatter box again the last few days. He's been singing in the bath and commenting on everything. There is more and more clarity in the things he is saying, although there are times when I have no clue what he is trying to say. Overall, the intention is there, and he knows what he is talking about. His comprehension seems to be improving everyday, and he has been initiating helpful tasks on his own. Yesterday, after grocery shopping, he initiated helping me carry in the bags. Since most of the bags were too heavy, I asked him to carry the package of toilet paper in to the house. He picked it up cheerfully and said "Put toilet paper in the bathroom" all on his own.

My great motivator for Jonah as of late has been the game of "chase". I ask Jonah what he wants to do, and he replies "Play chase". This consists of the two of us running around the house in circles, scrambling around random furniture objects, back and forth while Jonah is laughing hysterically. I hide and jump out to tickle him. We generally play chase for about 10-15 minutes at the end of the day, and he will do just about anything to ensure we play chase. He's been cleaning the house, making sure all of his toys are picked up. Playing chase is the best motivator EVER! After the game is done, Jonah likes to talk about where Mommy was hiding, and Mommy tickling Jonah. Melts my heart. 

I see more and more of Jonah's true self emerging everyday. He is sincerely the sweetest and most lovable little guy ever. This has been such an amazing experience so far, I can't even begin to imagine how much more change CEASE Therapy may bring to our lives. It has changed everything and I suspect there is more to come. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Things

There are 3 things that I would like say today.
First, I apologize for being a bad blogger. Moving on...
Second, Jonah is doing excellent! To date, we have completed 1 eight week clearing for the Hep A vaccine, and 1 four week clearing for the Hep A vaccine. This completes the Hep A clearing altogether for now, but it is something we may want to revisit in the future. We have also completed 1 eight week clearing for the DTaP vaccine, and are mid series in our 4 week clearing for DTaP. Actually, the 4 week DTaP clearing has come to a screeching halt, which I will come back to. I will say this, the DTaP clearing has been brutal! This journey has not been all peaches and cream. There have been many challenging moments with the DTaP clearing that had me questioning whether I was the right parent for this job. 
Eczema on the inside of Jonah's right elbow.
The DTaP clearing has shown just what a damaging influence the vaccine was on Jonah’s development.  On the physical side, his battle with severe eczema re-emerged on the inside of his right elbow, spreading sporadically to the right wrist, inside his left elbow, and behind the knees. It brought out the terrifying memories from when he was 2 years old, and covered with these eczema soars all over his body. As of today, we are still experiencing some difficulty with the inside of the right elbow. If I remember correctly, Jonah had a slightly more severe outbreak of eczema on the right side of the body when he was 2. I wouldn’t have put this correlation together in the past, but I wonder if the eczema is more severe on the right side of the body because that is where the injection sights were for the DTap and other vaccines? I want to remember, but from what I can recall, injection sights seemed to move around to all the various extremities on his body.  This is a question I will present to our homeopathic practitioner. 
We have also experienced a rebirth of many inappropriate and aggressive behaviors that Jonah had overcome in the past, including, but not limited to: spilling (everything liquid in sight), throwing (everything that can be thrown), spitting, hitting, kicking, screaming, tantrums, ad nauseam.  These behaviors are categorized as ‘Attention Seeking’ behaviors, which Jonah likes to demonstrate during a ‘Silly-Tantrum.’ ‘Silly Tantrums’ are almost worse than ‘Angry Tanrtrums.’ ‘Angry Tantrums’ are still book-ends throughout the course of a ‘Silly Tantrum,’ during which, Jonah would go into a mode of destruction while laughing hysterically (as if he was drunk). These ‘Silly Tantrums’ would run the entire course of the day. Jonah began demonstrating these behaviors during the 6th week of the first DTaP series, 3 doses into the 1M potency. Once we moved into the last two weeks of the clearing and the 10M potency, I was in tears everyday. It was a physical and emotional battle to help him and discipline him during those last two weeks of the clearing. To top it off, we were both sick with the worst cold ever known to man, prompting me to suffer a complete “emotional-breakdown-WHY ME?” moment in front of a dear friend. I am confessing this because a reality needs to be acknowledged. Autism has just as much of an impact on the parents as it does on the child; if not a more difficult impact since the parents are completely aware of how things could be or should be. Making this statement does not mean I do not accept my child or his autism, it just means that it is damn-hard work to be a parent of a child with autism. 
Once we completed the clearing in full, his behaviors mellowed again after about 1 week. We took a 4 week break before beginning the 2nd clearing, during which time, Jonah began to express himself more clearly. This increase in expression came with improvements in communication, verbal development, and emotional development. As our therapist pointed out, we were now seeing a more “true” version of Jonah and autistic expressions diminishing. I have witnessed moments of deeply emotional and compassionate expression. The cutest display of this came during a scene in ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ when the baby panda is left by its’ mother. Jonah came to me with tears welling in his eyes, bottom lip puckered and quivering, and said “Baby Panda so sad.” I, of course, melted.
When we began the 2nd clearing, the behaviors spiked again immediately. Then the behaviors increased with the increase in potency each week, although much milder than experienced during the first clearing. I was dreading what the 4th week at the 10M potency would bring. Then I made a mistake on the night that I was to begin administering the 10M potency, and gave him the 1M potency by accident. Perhaps this was a slip of the subconscious because the 10M potency of DTap is what I will affectionately refer to as the “Demon-Extractor.” It turned out to be a good mistake, because when I touched base with our therapist, she suggested that we wait before completing the clearing and that this might be moving too fast for Jonah to effectively handle, which brings us to where we are in the current clearing. Low and behold, with this little break, Jonah’s improvement has been taking my breath away.  I am seeing more and more talking, with Jonah initiating dialog. He has been very obedient without prompting, and very helpful without instruction, meaning more independent. 
Is CEASE Therapy working? I think so...
Which brings me to the third thing I would like to put out to you for discussion or thought. The CDC released their report, revealing a 23% increase in the rate of diagnosis of autism since 2008. The rate of diagnosis is now at 1 in 88 children on spectrum for autism. The rate for boys has now raised to 1 in 54 boys. At what point are we going to realize that something is being done to our children? Something has gone horribly and tragically wrong. I want to share a podcast I heard on NPR’s RadioLab the other day. The podcast is about 22 minutes long, ending with a fascinating revelation of a great mistake made in medical history when doctors in the 1920’s were trying to find a cause for SIDs. I encourage you to listen to it, and challenge you to come away from it with the notion that medical science is infallible. 

Do you know what I think? Medical science is not infallible, and I believe it is now compromising the development of our children. 

Follow the money... 
Because money doesn’t care about the greater good.