Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Signs, Signs, Signs

Just a quick update. Jonah is in the 2nd week of his 30C DTap clearing, and 3rd week on the Sulphur remedy. 

He said 3 new things to me yesterday: 
1. "I missed you." -His response when I asked him for a kiss after school.
2. "Are we going shopping at Costco?" -His response when I told him we were going shopping. Incidentally, we haven't been to Costco in over six months.
3. "Christmas lights are so pretty." -As we were driving home in the evening.

As of tonight, there are some big signs of movement with this remedy, and I worry about more to come. I am sure I may have mentioned before that during a clearing you can expect to see symptoms as if the child had just received a vaccine. Tonight, Jonah was insistent on having water right before bed, as if he was parched, which was uncharacteristic of him. I noticed at that point that nearly his entire face was flushed pink. He was also demonstrating a slight cough throughout the evening. No fever, and overall in a great mood, so it doesn't seem like he is getting sick. His eczema has cleared from the left arm, but the patch on his right arm is intense. The skin, as our homeopathic practitioner has said, is the body's largest organ of elimination, and it seems that his body is definitely eliminating something. I have not seen his eczema look this extreme since he was covered with it all over his entire body at 2 years old. I am relieved that this is just a small patch in comparison, but eager for it to improve soon. He has been sleeping restlessly, waking up on occasion during the night, which I know is common for kids, but Jonah normally sleeps like a rock.We have also been seeing some small exteriorizations around the eyes intermittently again. Six and half more weeks to go with the first round of DTap, and the doses will get stronger from here.

Interior Elbow, Right Arm Eczema Patch 12/6/2011
Courtesy of Imo

Thinking back to the time when he was an infant and how all his colds seemed to run together, I failed to understand then that he was sick from the vaccines. I see these symptoms now and feel disgusted with regret for not having seen it before. I remember all these little signs that would constantly come and go, or stay and turn into a cold or flu. When these little symptoms didn't turn into a cold or flu, it was curious, but the doctors say kids are always sick, so it was assumed that he was just always sick. When I think of the eczema he suffered from, I literally want to vomit. His entire tiny body was exploding at the skin. Imagine the patch pictured on the right 10x worse, and covering almost every inch of your child's body. How did I not know something more serious was wrong when the doctor told me it was just eczema? How could I have been so naive? 

Today, I must be grateful for the progress Jonah has made and look forward to putting that part of our lives behind us.