Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Today


I need to make a correction to last blog post. I omitted that in addition to completing his first 8 week clearing for Hep A, Jonah has also completed a 4 week clearing for Hep A. We began DTap this week, and he is continuing with the Sulphur 30c. Still not to sure of what signs I should be looking for with the sulphur. Jonah has been very loving and affectionate as of late. He has been very engaged and expressive. It's been such an incredible reward to see him open up this way. There have been some extremely difficult behaviors, so I hope I don't make this sound like it's all fluffy marshmallows over here. As is the rule of parenting, the good things outweigh the bad things. I am so excited about the progress he is making. 

As a side note, I would like to ask anyone reading this blog to sign this petition:!/petition/classify-autism-epidemic-and-allocate-proportional-federal-research-funds-early-identification-and/tVyjj64g

This petition is asking for autism to be classified as an epidemic, which it is. It's also underfunded for research. It takes a couple minutes to sign up, and sign a petition. Does it really do any good? I don't know, but at least we can try to change something. If this petition receives the required amount of 25,000 signatures by 12/7, President Obama must publicly address the issue.  It currently only has 608 signatures. 

It's amazing the things that people will waste time and money on. It's amazing the things that people find important as opposed to the things that are really important. I came across this petition on the wall while cruising for new petitions to sign. I try to do this at least once every few weeks, just so I can feel like I am standing up for something. I've been trying to help campaign for it by posting it on facebook walls, and emailing it to facebook autism contacts, with very little response. It's almost as if people think they are signing the actual petition because they clicked the "like" button. Oh, the joys of social media. Literally, my friend can sell 10 sexual-magic potions on facebook, and I can't even get 10 signatures for autism on a petition. This petition needs more support, so I will try to help promote it by talking about here as well.  

Tomorrow is a new day, and I must get some sleep. Until next time. 

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