Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Looking For Feedback

I'm looking for feedback here. I'm not sure how many people this blog is reaching or will reach, but I'm hoping to learn something from an opposing or challenging view point. Right now I feel pretty defeated by a corrupt system. Please read and share with people you know. 

We have our intake interview with the CEASE Therapist next Tuesday, and will likely begin treatment the following week. My emotions are swelling in circles with anticipation. I'm nervous, excited, scared, happy, anxious, scared. Did I mention I was scared. 

Jonah has been amazing the last couple of weeks. He is very happy, as if he knows that we are about to do something to try and help him. I've talked to him about the therapy, but how much he understands is unclear. I will say that he is talking up a storm, and enjoying every moment of every day. He has been very interactive and affectionate with me. 

We had his hearing examined yesterday. This was a follow up to some concerns we had when he was tested as an infant. To make a long story short, the hearing in his right ear is relatively normal while hearing in the left ear has been slightly compromised. One of the symptoms associated with 18Q Syndrome is very small ear canals, which is disrupting the travel of sound to Jonah's ear drum.  It appears he has been getting by with relatively normal hearing, but we will follow up and consider hearing aids as an option. Perhaps it will help to clear his pronunciation, which would be terribly exciting!

I had a brief encounter in the waiting room for the hearing test yesterday with the mother of a 22 month old boy. She was talking about ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis), which I am familiar with since Jonah has been working with ABA therapists for 3 years. Of course I interrupted her for a moment to try and have a conversation with her about it.  She didn’t seem too interested in talking to me once she realized that the therapy had failed to cure Jonah’s autism. I understand this since it was my early hopes in Jonah’s diagnosis process that he would just “grow out of it”  and that the ABA therapy would help him to do that. 
Her off-putting behavior didn’t deter me from attempting to continue a conversation with her a few moments later, as I am compelled to share the information on CEASE Therapy with other parents of children with autism and let them decide. Perhaps, if anything, they will question what they have been told by the medical industry just as I have.  I asked her a few casual questions associated with autism, and then asked “Was your son vaccinated?” She was hesitant to respond, “Yes, but I think the medical industry has disproved that vaccinations are causing autism.” 
I would like to clarify with anyone who questions the association of vaccinations with autism just why a parent like me is outraged by this medical statement. My response to her was “They haven’t disproved anything. You should look into it.” Six months ago, I would have given someone the same response. Six months ago, I was mislead to believe the same thing. But then, I looked into it. 

You should look into it! Here is a link to a summarized report published in 2010 that disproves the link between autism and vaccines: . If you interpret it differently, perhaps you can show me where that damning evidence is. The study summarizes that they questioned parents from a control group of 256 ASD children and 752 normal children.  At no point does the study produce evidence that vaccines did not cause the autism in the 256 ASD children. At no point does the study provide alternative causative factors for the 256 ASD children. 
These studies are very cleverly worded to be convincing. They are intended not to be read by the general public and not to be understood by the general public. These reports are published with a headline that reads “Yet Another Report Disproves the Link Between Vaccines and Autism,” but what the reports are really showing is an unfounded link between vaccines and autism because they don't want you to find one. 

We need to be listening to the testimony of the parents that are watching their children regress.  We need to look for a common thread. The CDC and the medical industry won't fund this study because they don't want people to find the common thread. 

Anyone who reads this should research "The Simpsonwood Transcripts." 
The business of vaccines is a $20 billion a year industry. What would you do for $20 billion? Perhaps we should ask Bill Gates? And, then ask him to produce his children's immunization records.


  1. Maria - This is a fantastic blog that any parent, potential parent or just about anyone should read. Your efforts are making me back more aware and active in my research.

    Thank you for sharing yours and Jonah's journey.

  2. I feel that I've been conditioned my whole life to accept news headlines as fact. I think most people are like that. The school system didn't do much to teach critical thinking. Truth is, as I am discovering more and more everyday, that mainstream media headlines are propaganda. The press is no longer objective. The Rupert Murdoch case is proving that corruption within police, politicians and media is intricate and endemic. And it doesn't stop there. Pharmaceutical companies are notoriously corrupt. Natural News is a great resource. Keep up the good work. It's terrifying to realize all you know if wrong. Some can't or don't want to accept that. But, even if you make one person think twice, if you can help one family, that's a victory.

  3. You are always a great resource for me to help me open my eyes to reality. It was always easy to accept what we hear on the media. It can be overwhelming and scary to search for the truth. You have always helped me feel more confident in doing so. It takes a brave person. Thank you!

  4. Thank you all for the positive feedback. The more I uncover, the more overwhelmed and horrified I feel about what is being done to our children. I just need to keep faith that Jonah will be okay no matter what!

  5. Never give up with your pursuits. I am in second year of healing my son's autism with CEASE and the results are life changing. We have completed detoxing Saccharum Officionale in 10M potency this summer, and after rashes and regressions, he is now (happened overnight): playing lego, able to put his buttons on his shirt, put his coat on by himself, put his rucksack on, wants to go on playdates with other children, and is much much more able to share and take his turn. I am helping detox his MMR out of him for the third time at the moment (first time with CEASE homeopath), it certainly is a journey of discovery. The most staggering clearing last year was the contraceptive pill. Jonah is lucky to have you, and yes he will be ok. My CEASE homeopath in the UK treats both me as mother and my 2 boys, it has been enlightening and full of hope.